For Sale: Shapeoko 3, Z+, Minneapolis MN

Lightly used Shapeoko 3 standard with the Z+ upgrade and inductive homing switches. Used only for my hobby which eventually just faded away since I have no time as a parent of 2 young kids. So, I’m looking to sell. Comes with the following:

  • Dewalt trim router with 1/8 and 1/4 collets
  • Z+ with inductive homing switches
  • Suck-it Dust Boot (mounting to the Z+ could be improved, but it works)
  • BitZero V1
  • 4x Carbide 3D Gator tooth clamps
  • 4x Carbide 3D Tiger claw clamps
  • Carbide 3D low profile vise
  • Flat and ball endmills for wood, plastic, aluminum - including Carbide3D, Whiteside, Kyocera (many of them unused)
  • Workholding table with threaded nuts

Overall there’s probably nearly $1000 worth of accessories/upgrades here.

This machine was dialed in really well. I always kept it calibrated with 1-2-3 blocks and a dial indicator and could get 0.005" accuracy in all dimensions.

I’m not really keen on shipping this due to the cost and ability to ensure that it arrives safely. I’m located in the Twin Cities metro area. Asking $1100.

Still available? Willing to sell the accessories separately? I could probably talk the boss in to $1000 to $1100… shoot me a PM if interested, I’m local to you.

Price lowered to $1100.

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