For Sale: Shapeoko 4 XXL w/Accessories and Endmills

Less than 9 months old, this awesome Shapeoko 4 XXL is in gently used condition with less than 25 hours of engraving (only) on it. Purchased for our business but we no longer need it. The machine is in great cosmetic condition, like new, with few signs of usage. The waste board is also in near new condition. It has a full compliment of accessories and end mills.

I will ship in original boxes and packing. Actual shipping (from Texas) will be calculated at time of sale and invoiced.

Payment via Paypal.

Asking $2,750. Open to reasonable offers.

Sale includes:

Shapeoko 4 XXL with Hybrid Table
Carbide Compact Router
Shapeoko BitSetter
BitZero V2 for Shapeoko
Bitrunner V2
Sweepy 2.0 Dust Boot
Get a Grip Workholding Kit
(2 Sets) Precision Collets for Carbide Compact Router
(1) #101 .125" Ball Endmill
(3) #102 .125" Flat Cutters
(3) #112 .0625" Flat Cutters
(3) #122 .0312" Flat Cutters
(3) #201 .25" Flat Endmill
(1) #202 .25" Ball Endmill
(1) #251 .25" Downcut Flat Endmill
(1) #301 .50" V-Bit 90 Degree Endmill
(1) #302 .50" V-Bit 60 Degree Endmill
(4) #302E .50" V-Bit 60 Degree Cutters

ALSO: I have a Festool CT 15 E HEPA Dust Extractor for sale (also shipping in mfg box).

Is this still available?

Yes. It is still available

Near Houston by chance?


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