FOR SALE UK: Shapeoko XXL, BitZero, BitRunner

Hi, my circumstances have unexpectedly changed and sadly I have to sell my Shapeoko XXL and all of my extras. I will over the weekend take photos and put up a full list of what’s included. Anyone who’s in the UK and interested should PM me I’ll answer general questions in this thread. Everything in the images is included (except enclosure as it will not get through my door!). later this evening I’ll do a full list, but its all in the images. Price is £1450.

Edit; So The controller card and 2 V-Wheels, HD nuts, Bitsetter and some of the endmills shown have been sold in a separate deal so they are no longer included.

Shapeoko XXL 2 years old, but was in storage for about 18 months. Its only had some light use.
Z-plus fitted
Dust boot.
Bit Zero
Bit Runner. This was the Deluxe so there is a brand new controller card in this setup.
I also have a spare Bit runner cable and (I don’t know why) I also have a Bit Runner socket to solder to a 2.4e board.
All original wrenches etc. and other spare screws and cables.
Original Z assembly (for spares)
A single spare induction limit switch
Set of original limit switches.
Original aluminium control board enclosure.
dewalt router and a set of new brushes.
2 Whiteside round over bits used a couple of times.
Various cheap vee bits all un used.
Levelling bit unused

I replaced the original stepper cables with shielded cables, I did this because I wanted to mount the electronics externally as in the picture, so needed some extra length. I do not have the original cables as the ends were used to make up the shielded ones. I do have some shielded cable left and that will be included.

As in the images I also mounted the Bit Runner externally and so the original cables have been shortened. It would be easy to add more cable length back, its just regular mains cable after all.

I think that £1150 is fare in the UK especially as some of this stuff might only be available as imports from the US at a considerable cost in import charges, I know because I did id it a few months ago! The Bit Runner is not available at all anymore. But I’m open to offers. After this weekend it will be dismantled and stored safely in my house until sold.

Some pictures;

Hello Mark,
Sorry to see you parting with your Shapeoko, had this been available a bout 3 weeks ago I would have purchased it from you before buying mine new!
I am however wondering if you would sell the bitsetter separately? These are hard to find in the UK and are very expensive with shipping and import fees from Illinois. I am based in North East Scotland and happy to pay for next day and signed for mail.
Let me know.

Hi, sorry Daniel, it has already been sold, the Bitsetter that is.
look here;

Or here:



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