FOR SALE - Unboxed 1.5kW 110V CNC Spindle + 110V 1.5kW VFD kit

I’m selling a Water Cooled 1.5kW 110V Spindle , with its 110V 1.5kW VFD and accessories mentioned below:

  • water pump
  • clear hose
  • orange hose
  • 65mm aluminum mount

Spindle Details:
65mm Diameter, fits Shapeoko 65mm mount.
24,000 RPMs
Uses ER11 collects ( .125” collect included )

This kit never saw action besides wiring and setup of the VFD to confirm it turned On and spins appropriately; And it does!

Asking $275 for everything + shipping
Paid: $365


I’m also trying to sell the same thing on Facebook marketplace haha. I thought it was lost in shipment and it came a month late. If you sell yours and someone else wants one, I have one as well.


Still for Sale:
1.5Kw 110V Water Cooled Spindle $110
Water Pump and hose will be included with Spindle

Aluminum mount $15

Shipping cost is separate

What brand is the spindle? Would you sell it without the pump? I have no need for one.

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