For Sale: Vectirc VCarve Pro & Photo VCarve Bundle v10.5

Just like the title says. The software was purchased from Vectric on 6/25/19 (v9.5) and last updated to v10.5.

I paid $799 for the package. Asking $500 for the package.

Brian, does the software license from Vectric transfer, also?

Not the orginal poster, but Vectric does allow you to sell the license once:
Can I transfer my Vectric software?

Unlike the vast majority of software companies, Vectric does allow the original purchaser of a software licence to transfer it under certain circumstances, and subject to a licence transfer fee. However this is NOT an unrestricted right of transfer, and Vectric reserve the right to refuse to transfer the licence, at its sole discretion, if it reasonably believes there is evidence of the license conditions having been broken. If you upgrade a product from say Version 4.0 to Version 5.0, you no longer have a valid licence for V4.0 and so the licence for the older version obviously cannot be transferred.

Software licence purchased directly from Vectric or an authorised Vectric partner

If you have purchased a single user license directly from Vectric or one of our authorised partners, we would usually allow you to transfer the single user license to another individual or company, subject to the licence conditions having been adhered to and the payment of a licence transfer fee (currently $50).

You cannot transfer a license that you have not directly purchased (i.e. one that has been transferred to you, from a previous licence holder). The original purchaser of the software licence can transfer it once, but subsequent owners cannot.

If you upgrade a product to a more expensive one, you cannot subsequently transfer the initial product licence. e.g. if you upgrade VCarve Pro to Aspire, the VCarve Pro licence has been ‘traded in’ against the Aspire licence and you no longer have a licence for VCarve Pro.

Software licence transferred from a previous original owner

If you have obtained a licence from a previous original owner, you cannot subsequently transfer that licence to a new owner, unless the software licence was originally bundled with a machine, and you are transferring the machine along with the licence (see section below for this case). The transfer rights for the software are only available to the original purchaser of the software from Vectric or one of our authorised partners. If you are planning to buy a ‘used’ licence of Vectric software from somebody, it is essential that you contact Vectric first via to ensure that the licence in question can be transferred.

Software licence originally bundled with a machine tool

If you received Vectric software bundled with a machine tool from an approved Vectric partner, you may transfer the software along with that machine tool, providing that you have not used the license to upgrade to a different product. This applies even if you are not the original purchaser of the machine.

If you have upgraded the software, the upgraded product would need to be transferred along with the original media supplied with the machine. You do NOT have to transfer the software licence when you sell the machine, but the new owner of the machine will need to purchase their own copy of the software if they wish to use it in this case.

Educational Software Licence

Educational classroom licenses cannot be transferred.

Please email details of any license transfer requests to

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Thank you for the assist on that Dan!

Tex, I am the original purchaser. So this would be my “One Time” transfer.


So, according to what @dmouw25 posted from Vectric’s website, after your upgrade you no longer have a license for version 9.5, but you do have a license for 10+, correct?

Are you also able to supply written documentation from Vectric that you have their authorization to sell the software with the appropriate license?

Seems like any buyer would want that. Without it the software turns into a limited version that anyone can get for free by downloading.

Also be aware that Vetrics charges i believe a 50.00 fee for the transfer and that would be between the buyer and seller who pays that.

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