For Sale - XL Limit Switches

I upgraded to the proximity sensors. Let me know if you are need of a replacement\spare set of switches.

Offers welcome



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I’m not interested in the switches but I would love to see how you mounted the proximity switches since I’m about to do the same thing.

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for inspiration:


Yup, that’s how I did it :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks for the resource.

Which ones did you get the Beaver or something else? Since the Beaver are no longer available, some others have been suggested but I don’t know if anyone has successfully installed an alternative

There was another thread where we talked about proximity switches. I ordered 24v ones mistakenly at first and will reorder 5v ones next based on Luke’s thread on these forums earlier this year. I found the same ebay ones he bought.

Yes I saw there were some from Omron but I’m not sure if these were the right ones. Maybe you can confirm and post the link after you install and test.