Forbidden Planet

Remember the monster in the classic movie Forbidden Planet? The entire generated power of the planet Altair IV allowed the monster to have almost limitless strength. This is an operational scale replica of the power panel from the movie. The gauges pulsate and light in the same sequence as in the movie showing the amount of power being drawn by the monster. The gauges are visible in all ambient light conditions. See it operate on!

Model details:
Using a CNC mill, hard maple has been carved to hold twelve gauges. A yellow LED is inside each gauge and a microprocessor inside the base controls the lighting of the LEDs simulating the activity of the monster in the movie. The model is stained and protected with a lacquer finish. A cell phone charger (provided) powers the panel and continuously cycles through the light sequence.

Forbidden Planet 2|666x500


Cool. Nicely executed. And what’s that you’re using for workholding (this two corner thingies and two side thingies)?

Carpet tape wasn’t working well so I made some custom hold downs. I use 3D printing everywhere to hold steppers, sensors, leadscrews …

Thought they might be 3D printed. Nice idea.

What kind of Franken-mill are you running there? That thing looks like quite the kit build.

I’ll take that as a complement that you think it is of kit quality. Thanks!