FR: allow for custom value input in the zero dialog

Problem in Carbide motion 513 and 514

within the zero dialog box, i can probe for the touchprobe hight, which will offset automatically by 25mm, or i can manually drive the tool down to the work surface, and set it to 0.

I would like to enter my own offset as the current value. every DRO on a lathe or mill can do that.

right now, i can enter the value, but it doesn’t carry outside the zero dialog box.

in addition to this, where is the touch probe height and XY offset saved, and can I edit the value? (reason, when I work on alu (or any other conductive material), i can just park the touchprobe anywhere, and probe directly on the work surface or XY reference surfaces)

can this be fixed, please?


dear admins, is this the wrong path for feature requests or bug reports? if so, where and how should i post them?

Go to where you want your zero to be and in the MDI send:
/G10 L20 X0Y0Z0
The XYZ zeros can be replaced by whatever values you want.

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You can also set it manually in the jog/set zero screen, you can just type the value there


Would be useful to understand the ‘you can just type the value there’. I have tried this, but the typed zero values didn’t appear to be recognised or used. Likely to be something I too am doing, or not doing… CM513

@fenrus That was what I was referring to: In the zero dialog, I can enter “0”, and it will become 0. If I enter a non-zero value (i.e. because I know the tool is right now xx mm up or down based on the surface or a reference plane), the value I enter is ignored. I think this is a bug, not a feature, and it would help to see it fixed, IMO

@neilferreri good to know that there is a gcode for it, but i think this should be a UI level thing, not a CLI level thing. as mentioned, my and any DRO (i.e. lathe or mill) has this as a very basic function, where you work off a set of known coordinates and do easy absolute or relative offsets.

I’ll try it again and make a screenshot but I have done this many times (as part of making inlays)

EDIT: But with the earlier versions. Will test with the beta today