Frayed upper Z Plate wheels

I noticed that the upper wheels on the Z-Plus plate has frayed edges, For lack of better explanation it looks like a sharp object has sliced a groove around the outside edge. I have the maintenance kit and am replacing them. But would like to know what might have caused this.
I am removing the X-rail in order to clean the mounting hole to be able to adjust the tram front to back. Attempted the method in Winston’s video, wasn’t able to get enough adjustment. Using 123 blocks and a 0.250 drill rod mounted in the router there is a 0.015 difference top to bottom over a 2.500 distance.
Appreciate any suggestions

Usually this is caused by the belt anchors being in the line of the V wheel movement — when you replace the V wheels loosen the belt anchors and shift them to the side so that they won’t contact the V wheels.

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When I upgraded to HDZ I noticed that the carriage was being stopped from home position because the belt tension anchors were out of alignment. I had to loosen the allen screw and hold the anchors with a pair of needle nose pliers while tightening. there is very little clearance between the v wheels and the anchors. Tightening the anchors without holding them square will cause them to rotate slightly.


Thank You Have readjusted the tension anchors.

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