Free CNC Art Files

I just realized, I have never shared my FB group with ya’ll.
I started a free CNC art files group over a year ago, and there are over 14,000 people on it sharing files of all sorts for CNC carving.
I love how Carbide 3D has always been very helpful, and open to helping people learn this trade. I couldn’t have done it without all your help! Thank you.

Free CNC Art files
Private group · 14,721 members
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A place to share CNC Art files of all kinds.

Mind if I join via my wife’s FB?


Not at all. I approve everyone, and try to weed out the advertisers later. Not too much spam going on tho.


I’m with Griff, my wife is joining for me as well.

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Dang I am going to have to ask my wife as well…I am sure she is going to be annoyed with me!

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Oh my, that was a mistake!

My wife tells me at breakfast, “there’s some new posts on my FB page about something called a CNC making stuff. That’s what you have, right? I didn’t know you could make things like that! I have some projects for you…”

LOL, serves me right I suppose.