Freebie Sign - large engraving

So I’ve had my Shapeoko 3xxl for over 2 years now and I haven’t done that many projects with it. Seem to be too busy with life and my business and just haven’t found 2 or 3 hours in a stretch to CNC.
I had a guy drop off a 10 foot long cut of red oak for me to laser a very long item for him as a gift. Somewhat a gag gift actually. It had roughly 120 lines of text and he wanted on a 4 ft minimum long 10 inch wide area. CNC would fail, letters too small. So I lasered.
And he left the the 5 foot cutoff that was remaining from the piece he brought. So I thought about it a bit and decided to do a large sign for my business entrance. I work from home and I’m out away from town. The little 24" square sign out front has worked for 4 years, but time for something else.
So I Spent an hour sanding off the surface, actually really flat on the narrow side. Couple of extra cuts, but looks pretty good for a log.
About 100 pounds and 3 plus inches thick. Had to remove my DC hose as it wouldn’t fit with it attached.
Split design in three parts, and 2 lengthwise, a 30" and a 24". Really deep with a CC 60 degree .5" v bit.
4" letters.
Now I’ve got to stain and decide what exterior finish to put on it, or just leave plain. Probably urethane varnish and I’ll redo every year…

Thanks for looking!


Oh, got it finished, and installed at the road. Fun project.