Frequency of probing?

Hi all,

How often should I use the touch probe?

I ask because over the course of 3 nights I did 12 separate jobs on 6 pieces of wood.

One job does 12 holes on the left side of the wood, the other does 12 on the right side. I did this to make clamping easier because the holes are quite close to the edge. So I did all the left holes in 6 pieces, then all the right holes. (Note the picture is taken from the right side of the piece).

Each evening I power down everything, then turn on and rehome, then continue doing a new job.

Today I realized that in most pieces the two groups of holes are not aligned :frowning:

My guess is when I rehome the machine I need to probe again? Or should I probe at the start of every job :frowning:

Or is that not the problem here…


My guesses would be the squareness of the workholding to the machine which would matter when you flip the parts and/or material tolerance stack up when ganging parts together like that.

In theory I should be square to the machine.

I created a recess for the Carbide3D square and that’s how I’ve been trying to ensure the pieces are always registered in the right place. This photo is for a different job, but the setup is all the same,

When I do the left and right side, I don’t actually flip the piece’s orientation, I’m just working on the left then right hand side of the piece.

I could do it as one job, and probably will next time, I just need to cut the oak a little longer so I have clearance for the clamps, then I can cut it down once it’s off the machine.

Super glue and tape eliminates these problems. You could use the clamps to apply lateral pressure against your fixtures for extra security.

When you can, don’t home between jobs that use the same zero. There’s always a chance on these machines that you’ll end up slightly off. Do you have contact or inductive homing switches?


Just when I thought I had my holding plan all figured out :slight_smile:

I have the Beaver CNC contactless ones…

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