Fretboard Fret slots with Arc

I am working on making my first fretboard of my own (previously bought already slotted fretboards). I created the .stl file of the fretboard without slots…no problem there. I even created the radiused fret slots by projecting the slot lines onto an a curved surface. The problem I am having is that I believe when I save the slots as an svg file and import them into carbide create to do the toolpaths, I believe it compresses it down to 2d and I lose the 16" radius of the fret slots. I want a uniform depth for the slot in the finished radiused board, so I need the slot to follow the radius of the fretboard when it is cutting. I do NOT want a flat bottomed fret slot. how can I do this??

It might be helpful to have the files attached here.
Here is the stl file
Fretboard - 25.5in v18.stl (3.7 KB)

Here is the svg file of the slots.
Fretboard 25.5in radius slots

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