Freud Engraving V-Groove Bit

I’ve searched all over and cannot quite figure out how I should be adding a Freud #70-103 engraving bit to Carbide Create. The “included angle” makes sense for larger v bits (like a 60 or 90)…but the tapered angle on this bit is 7.5 degrees and doesn’t quite come to a full v at the tip. So, how am I to add this tool to Carbide Create?

Unfortunately Carbide Create doesn’t support V endmills with ball tips.

You can enter it as if it is a V endmill by not including the area removed when the ball tip is formed and then zero with a feeler gauge to make up the difference — but the ball tip will then prevent finer details from being cut.

Thanks Will. It doesn’t have a ball at the end, just does not taper down to a full V. If the tapered angle is 7.5 degrees, what do I use as the “included angle” in Carbide Create?

Carbide Create doesn’t have support for endmills which don’t end at a point.

You’ll need to either use some other tool, or fake the entry and accept not having an accurate 3D preview.