Friendly stockist who’ll quickly send me some brushes?!

So, Dewalt DWP611 broke down in the middle of the job, and taught me a very important first lesson about brushes…

Everywhere I look as pretty long dispatch times for replacements, so I’m looking for a small friendly US stockist somewhere that’d be willing to do a one-off express throw-a-pair-or-two-into-the-post-to-Japan job for me.

Anyone have any ideas?

Looking at big stockists, the standard seems to be like a week just to get them in the post, let alone arrive in Japan.

Shipping speed is less of a problem - I used USPS standard 1st class last week for a small item which arrived in two days (!) and USPS also have a priority international service which is supposed to be faster (although hard to see how!).

Anyone have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them. You might find me in a cloud of carbon dust in an attempt to whittle my own…

Amazon has them:

Are they not on Amazon Japan as well?

Isn’t there a local woodworking or small appliance shop?

Is there a local dealer?

Yes, US Amazon has them (in fact my order of the brushes is being processed by them), but they’re going to take a couple of weeks to arrive.

They were at some point on the Japanese Amazon, but they aren’t anymore.

I’ve never seen Dewalt product in a brick-and-mortar shop here. Dewalt are selling a few items on the Japanese amazon, but just a few odds and ends, and not the 611 or any parts. I’ve been in touch with Dewalt in this country, no parts for that router, I’ve been in touch with an importer importing 611s on request, but he doesn’t have any units, let alone the brushes (they are imported on request).

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Have you checked for other brands/compatible units?

The DWP611 is the variable-speed version of a Porter Cable trim router, the 450 I think.


That useful to know!! Don’t think that’s sold over here either, but it broadens my options.

Might have found my stockist- I’ll upload here of it works out in case anyone else is in the same boat!

If Dewalt parts are so difficult to obtain in Japan, switching to a brand of router that is readily available would be worth looking into.

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Thoroughly looked into it before buying the dewalt. There were none in the price range with variable control, believe it or not. Even the makita models are different to the ones sold in the states.

The Japan market makitas and the US makitas are different - there is a 611 makita equivalent in the states (forgotten the name) but it isn’t sold over here, and neither are the parts for it. There were no suitable ones at the time of looking.

A shame, as Makita is normally my go-to brand.

By the way, how do I tag multiple posts in a reply as you did? Newbie question, but I can’t find the info anywhere.

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Like this…

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