From prototype to mass production. where to go?

So after getting a prototype done with the Nomad. Where should I go to get my part mass produced? Assuming the end material is aluminum.

I’m located in San Diego, CA


I guess that depends on the part?
Without knowing more about the use, geometry and the number you want to produce, I don’t think anyone can give you a good answer… :smile:

similar to this


This looks like a toothbrush?
If it is: do you really think aluminum is the right material? You will have an expencive handle that lasts forever, and the brush that wears out in a month or two… :flushed:

It was an example. I’m not really building a tooth brush. More like a eating utensil that has a handle similar.

You’ll want to find a foundry that does lost wax casting of aluminum. Most likely if you’re looking for a large bulk you’ll end up overseas.