Full Copy and Paste possible with Toolpath included?

If I have to make 20 copies of an item on my Shapeoko using CC and CM, is there any way to make the full toolpath for the first item and copy/paste 19x? Or do I need to program all the copies one at a time?

I’m afraid that the duplicate (copy) command in Carbide Create only gets the geometry — you could select all 20 and apply 1 toolpath to them, though if it needs more than one pass it would be inefficient — there are post-processors which can touch up such files to make them more efficient: https://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/G-Code_Utilities

I miss having work offsets for making copies…

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We had a brief run where C3D knocked out like 5 or 6 major features in short order like tabs and such. Someone needs to break in their office and spike the coffee with ritalin or something (don’t really do this) so we can get some more big stuff!

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Okay, I made it better for myself by just doing one row of parts across the sheet of Styrene I am cutting. Then move that row down in CC, reload, and do a repeat run. Repeat until enough parts are made.

I know I should learn Fusion 360, but working in CC is just faster for me to turn stuff out in the same day. I have a hard time just getting started in Fusion 360.