Full rebuild in new digs

So, moved the shop and had a backlog of Shapeoko upgrades to do. Took 5 days, on and off, of careful work but it looks to be successful. Main updates: 2.2kw water cooled spindle, proximity sensors, vacuum system, tiling board openings, emergency stop, fire extinguisher, router accessory storage, and replaced original MDF with 3/4 Baltic birch. Baseline machine is XXL with HDZ and JTech 7w laser. Everything is integrated into a movable station that probably comes in around 350-400 pounds. I wanted to weight to minimize movement induced by the HDZ/spindle combo. Have the setup for, essentially, endless tiling. Small doors in the front and back fold up to allow pass through.

Many thanks to the community for the online guidance.

I still see at least one more update to rigid/flat/single piece “wasteboard” so I can get rid of the center droop adjustment bolt I put in.

Managed to route all grounds to a single point, without loops, I hope.
image image image image


Looks great…any chance you can rotate the pics?
I’ve had issues with pictures too. I had to open them in the Windows viewer, rotate and save.


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