Fun and interesting use for cnc

So I Work in financial software, and was at an event surprised to come across cnc as a gimmick.

There was a company using cnc mills to scan your face and engrave into chocolate.

Quite novel, quite tasty.

Whilst not the best quality it went down a treat and they were off their feet


That’s pretty cool Luke! Have you seen the 3D printed food, or the old 3D printer that used a heat gun in a box of sugar? I was at a test lab for work years ago that had this awesome coffee maker that would make just about any coffee drink you wanted, it was like it had a tiny barista inside grinding the beans, frothing the milk, adding the chocolate…ok, maybe it wasn’t really CNC, but it was coffee and that is another of my favorite things, haha!!


That’s very innovative.

Wonder what they did with all the chocolate shavings at the end of the day…

I had a good chat to the operators and they did say they used to do 3d printed chocolate things but the time to print was too long. Apparently the clean up on these is a nightmare. After a whole day milling faces there was stuff everywhere. That photo was taken during setup.

When I was younger I loved vending machines, I though they were very clever and even made my own. Might be why I have a similar bean to cup coffee machine now :slight_smile:

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Dust boot ought to work on chocolate as well as it does on dust :stuck_out_tongue: