Fun litte project

I have a circular nightstand that attaches to my bed frame and it tends to accumulate a large number of iDoohickies and electronics for charging at night. This gets really cluttered very quickly, especially if you have cats who tend to like running local gravity experiments. :slight_smile:

Most of the charging stands I have seen would take up the entire top and leave me no place for things like books or glasses. So I decided to make a slotted charging station that fit the top of the nightstand.

The topper is made of three sections, two 3/4 plywood and one 1/4 plywood. The three sections look like this:

The far left holds the larger iPad and the 6 port USB charger, the middle section holds a kindle, a music player, an old android phone and my iPhone (I tend to repurpose everything). The far right piece is the top.

Since the charger is thicker that 3/4, the middle section needs a matching cut out on the back to give me enough space.

It also had to be flipped to mirror and match the pockets in the bottom piece. You can see what I mean in this first stage of the glue up:

This gave me enough clearance for the charger and a slot going all the way through for the charger’s power cord.

Once that dried I attached the top:

A little sanding and some Danish oil, we have the finished piece complete with electronics (The iPhone is missing since I needed something to take the picture with).

I will make myself a little cable organizer for the underneath, but so far it fits everything really well and I am quite pleased.


The 45 adaptor is a nice detail.

Thanks! It’s become kind of a signature/logo for me. :smile: