Fun with plywood edge designs

Inspired by these videos from Micheal Alm, I decided to experiment with some scrap plywood that I had on-hand. I was really pleased with the results and can’t wait to try out some additional patterns using some nicer Baltic Birch plywood.

More photos available in this gallery. Here’s how I made this:

  1. Cut the plywood into strips with my table saw set at 60 degrees,
  2. Glue together three of these to make hexagonal columns,
  3. Cut the columns into uniform thickness discs,
  4. Arrange and glue these together to create a board with the hexagonal pattern,
  5. Plane this down on both sides, using my thickness planer,
  6. Cut out the dish using my CNC,
  7. Sand and coat with a finishing wax

Hope you enjoy!