Fusion 360 and DragKnife addon for Nomad 883

Hi All,

Whenever I attempt to use the drag knife addon for fusion with my Nomad 883 I get several “Arc Endpoint Error” messages when carbide motion attempts to load the g-code. I’ve updated carbide motion to the latest version and fusion 360 is up to date. I’ve used this plug-in before with no issues and I’m not sure what’s different now.

I’ve attached the g-code if that’s useful.

"Error on line 286: Arc Endpoint Error "
Also get the same error on lines 350, 402, 433, 438, 609, 757, 772, 787, 797

HelloWorld10.nc (15.2 KB)
HelloWorld10_dragknife.nc (19.1 KB)

Which post-processor are you using?

Do you have the output set for metric?

It doesn’t plot correctly in one 3rd party tool:

Lines 281–286:

G1 Z0.0424 F13.333
X0.3481 F10
G1 X0.338 Y0.107
G1 Z0.002
G2 X0.349 Y0.116 I0.010 J0.

If we draw this out:

reducing the circles, but maintaining their center:

We then draw in the center:

and we see that things do not line up:

Ok that makes sense. so the drag knife specific post processor is doing something wrong?

Is that something I can go in and manually fix?

It’s a math issue.

If you set the post-processor to use metric dimensions that reduces the size of the error and may get it small enough for it to work.

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