Fusion 360 April Update

The new April update, and how it translates to STL files. Gone are the days of 1-2 hours spent on getting stl files into fusion.

If anyone can recommend a free program for recording videos that would be great. I tried iSpring, but it would not export.


Autodesk has their own plugin called Screencast that captures Fusion360 operations and allows editing and adding voice overs for tutorials etc. It’s free. You add it as a button to your toolbar.

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Nice work @atrueresistance… If/when you get your Fusion video finished, please post. I’ d love to see this import and workflow and ultimate CNC generation.

Was playing with this today, and it really does work well.

I did find a flaw, how do you run a contour? Ended up rough cutting on the band saw.

Did you ever figure out how to run a 2d contour to cut out the stl? My idea was to edit the model and draw a bounding box manually, but since I can’t snap to the STL, it doesnt line up perfectly.

Yeah you can do something like that. You could try a 3D adaptive trick.

  1. Make a bounding sketch on or slightly inset of the 3D model normally projected with stock top or so as that is easy to work with.
    2 Offset that sketch out past your model so your tool can get in the area.
  2. Limit the 3D adaptive to your selected sketches.
  3. That should keep your tool bound.
  4. If you want tabs, put some modeled boxes in where you want tabs and the 3D adaptive path won’t cut there
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