Fusion 360 Assistance

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Hello guys-

I have been using a Shapeoko XXL for about 2 years now and exclusively used carbide create for every project. I am not a business so I found no reason to spend lots of money on software since I would seldom need the benefits of them. Now that I am comfortable with using my cnc I wanted to dabble a little with a 3d design and since my family loves golf we decided to design and mill out a putter.

I was searching for free 3d design software and downloaded Fusion 360 for personal use and designed a golf putter. I milled it out of aluminum for the first run to see how it worked. I felt the first side went acceptable and I felt with some little tweaks I could get the machining finish down a little better. My problem was when I flipped the piece to do the bottom side of the putter there was not enough surface for my double sided tape and thus the piece came loose and was ruined. I wanted to add tabs into the design to hold the piece so I could use the extra space to clamp down the material. I was not able to do this for the first run because the block of aluminum I had was exactly the size of the putter that was needed. I plan on buying a little longer piece of aluminum next time and utilize tabs.

My question is how would I add tabs in Fusion 360? I have tried to watch several videos but cant seem to figure it out. I designed a hollow box around the putter but also cant seem to get them to align. I want to add a tab on each end of the putter (Toe and Heel if you know golf equipment).

The other thing I need to do is center the putter in the entire box. I plan on just resizing the outer box based upon material size so that the putter is always centered and accurately cut. I can then flip the piece over and clamp it down again to mill the bottom knowing it will be centered in the same place.

Also I got a little fillet happy on the edges and was wondering how I could take some of them out?

Here is a link to the project if anybody could be of assistance, thanks.


Might not be the best way, but I added separate models for where I wanted tabs and a sketch to contain toolpath inside the boundary. I’ll try and take pictures of this setup later (on work things and not able to swap over to the other computer.
Removing fillets, there should be a history of operations down on the bottom of the screen. You’d basically find the operation you want to remove and should be able to remove that. Again I’ll try and post picture later.
Centering should be reasonable to do, and is usually done in the stock setup.
If you’d like to have a web conference thing I can support that. I’m on EST and can setup a google meetup or something similar.That should allow for some screen sharing as well.