Fusion 360 CAM machine profiles?

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I’m not sure what these are really called in Fusion 360, but there is a way to describe one’s CNC machine specifications, such as HP and several other specifications. This is not Post Processing I am referring to. Does anyone know of this? Has anyone figured these out these settings? I have some of the info, but I don’t know what some of the empty fields are for.


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are you referring to the experimental/preview option ‘manufacture workspace’?

i set up my machine settings based on some guesswork. if i remember later when I have access I’ll load my settings to compare

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“Machine Configuration” is what I was referring to.
I just had a chance to sit down at the workstation and was able to find what I was asking about.
This is under Setup->Machine->Machine Configuration.
I was looking at this last year.
I have some of that info in G-Wizard already and was considering transferring it but I am hesitant because I’m not sure how it will affect matching.
If some information is incomplete would there be an issue? I wasn’t able to find information about this yet.


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Also, I’m wondering if asking Carbide3D to provide these settings is too much to ask?


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That is an option that becomes available if you select the ‘manufacture workspace’ in your preferences of F360. An experimental or beta feature for users to try.

To take advantage of it, you would load up data such as found in G-Wizard, and it will take those settings into account when you do the CAM. All info inputted is just limitation checkpoints on the toolpaths. If information is missing it simply won’t be checked when it is being generated.

Therefore, when you go to generate or post a program, if you have something set that is either out of your machines capacity or capabilities (read: too much travel or too fast a feed movement) it will log an error with a brief note. (i.e. log > machine configuration: error). This is dictated by the settings you inputted so you can fine tune to your setup. Essentially it’s another means to catch anything that is ‘off’ in your program in relation to your machine.

At least this is my understand of how it works. I have my machine configured and it did create a helpful error log when trying to generate a toolpath (too fast rpm or something of that sort). A quick adjustment and it was able to process successfully.

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There seems to be a way to save a profile configuration for a specific machine. So, if what you think is happening, that whatever settings are entered are considered in tool path generation, and what is absent is not part of the calculations, then more settings can be included as we have information about this topic?


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Upon generation of the toolpath it will check that it is within the bounds set for the specific machine selected. If it is OK you’ll have a successful toolpath. If not, it will trigger an error and the log will list machine configuration warning. If you have nothing entered in your machine settings - there will be nothing to check for and it will generate OK otherwise. I’m sure there’s much more on this topic on the F360 forums.

Keep in mind machine settings may vary depending on how you have your physical machine setup or if you modified it (extended axis, stiffened up axis, replaced the Z, different spindle/router, etc). However, for a stock machine the settings should work across all other stock machines.


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fusion360_shapeoko3-xxl_with_makita-rt0700c.machine.zip (19.3 KB)

I got this from someone here on the forums, it’s for a SO3, XXL, with the makita router. I am quite sure it would provide a good place to start with one for another configuration :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I am going to try and review those settings for that machine setup this weekend. Wish me luck as my wife is away and I have to bake cookies with my youngest for her Valentines Day party next week. OK, TMI? Only 3 cups of coffee this morning.
Have a good weekend!

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