Fusion 360 counter bore help

I have a fixture plate with several counter bore holes molded for a friends new tormach 24r but in cam Fusion either plunges past the counter bore and cuts the hole first then cuts the counter bore.

I need it to cut the counter bore then finish the through hole before moving to the next hole.

I got close but it will cut the through hole then bore but the next hole it swaps and cuts the bore then the hole and it’s got me scratching my head.


any help would be great I added containment boundary to do the holes in sets.

No matter how I try it does hole then counter bore but when it moves to the next hole it does the counter bore then hole and switches with each hole. I’m lost

I can’t quite figure out how to navigate the CAM in the A360 online tool but…

There’s a couple of ways to do it, if your machine rapids are good enough then just running two bore toolpaths may be OK, select the counterbore with ‘select same diameter’, as long as your cutter is large enough to clear and not leave a center stub

Then a second toolpath to do the lower part of the hole

Does that work or miss the point?