Fusion 360 Facing to S3XL Cutting Air


I have a part that I want to mill. The final thickness is .5" and the stock its going to be milled from is .75".

In Fusion 360, I create the setup so that the stock dimensions are exactly to spec as the wood I have to be milled. I place the part with a z offset from the bottom with about .01" for the safety factor. I use the model origin point right at the bottom of my part so that x is left to right y is font to back and z up and down.

When I actually go to mill. I set z0 on the bed of the S03 and then raise the tool up and then set my x&y and then zero out x&y. Once I begin the cut operation the bit does no engage the material for the facing operation. It literally just spins the bit right over the wood and passes back forth. This is weird because the simulation shows it taking .25" (as it should) of the stock from the top. I don’t have it set to multiple depths.

What on earth and I doing wrong here?


Can you share your Fusion file?
How are you setting your zeros? What sender are you using?

Please share your fusion file, we can get you squared away.

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