Fusion 360 Feed and Speed rates

I’m a beginner and made my first cut/test with good results. I just etched my name in a block of wood, using Carbide Create. Realizing the limitations, I’m trying to learn Fusion 360 for the CAM capabilities. There are so many numbers it gets confusing. I’ve tried my best to match numbers I’ve found in the forums and the wiki pages.

Can anyone check these numbers and tell me if everything looks alright? Just want to check here first before I send it to the machine.

I’m cutting a letter out of 1/2" pine board. I’m using the Makita with the stock bit that came with machine. It’s contour cut with tabs on the bottom. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

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I do not have the exact answer you are looking for (sorry I mill in metric), but I will suggest two things to you:

1- Go and watch [https://www.youtube.com/user/cadcamstuff](http://Lars Christensen) videos on youtube. He is very good at explaining Fusion 360, and there are a few good videos on CAM as well.

2- Download an evaluation copy of https://www.cnccookbook.com/feed-speeds-calculator-gwizard/

I watched many of Lars’s videos and that got me up and running. After trying out g-wizard, I bought a copy of it. You should know, the folks at g-wizard run specials from time to time, every 2-3 months, so its worth the wait if you are interested.

At any rate, the 30 days evaluation copy of g-wizard will spew out numbers, and you can go from there. I usually go for the fine result over speed (turtle) as I am no production shop. I do have a SuperPID, so I am not stuck at specific speed, nor do I have to guess the dial indicator vs actual speed of the router.

There is a chart somewhere wither on the wiki or on the Carbide document section outlining feed and speed, and also tell you the router speed at specific indicators (1-5)

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the information, I’ll look into those links.

To expand on @jayftee’s message, the router speed chart is at the bottom of the official chart, and there’s a more detailed version at: