Fusion 360... How do I export?

This might sound like a silly question. After creating my design and getting all the tool paths sorted I went to actually to make the bloody thing, only to realise I have no idea how to get the CAM out of fusion 360 and into carbide motion?

I exported in the 5 formats available, but none want to import…


Use the Generate tool

Specify the postprocessor for Carbide.

This will produce a .nc file for carbide motion

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Thanks! Where can I get that from?

Just to add to that, I have generated the tool path in CAM

Whoops… same MENU (ACTIONS) as Generate. Select POST PROCESS

Thank you, I have generated a NC file - I have 2 setups - will the NC file just the one setup?

Depends on what you right click on and click “post process”. If you right click on the setup, you get all the toolpaths from that setup. If you right click on a particular operation, you get only that operation. You can get all setups in one by having no selection (or selecting the folder that contains all the setups) and clicking the PostProcess button on the toolbar. It’ll warn you if you have different work coordinate systems in each of the setups that will only work in some post processors (ie not ours).


I think the replies above might be missing something. After you made the model, did you go to the CAM side and generate the necessary tool paths and or operations?

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Hi Rich, I have made the model and the tool paths. I just needed a way to export them into something I could use. I quickly tested last night and the NC file was imported by carbide motion.

Oh ok. The terms you use are incorrect and confusing to an experienced user, so providing help was difficult. After you completed your tool paths you needed to POST your work to an appropriate post Processor. There is at least 3 that I know of in Fusion. Glad that it worked out for you.

What Post Processor did you use?

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Thats the beauty of being new to the CNC world. I don’t know what I’m doing ;p but have been machining for a few years on a manual mill.

I used the carbide post process.