Fusion 360 issue

I did a quick job on my friends tormach 24r a few weeks ago and everything went fine. We found the holes needed adjustment so I edited the feature and regenerated the tool paths to the updated hole size. Nothing else was changed and the simulation shows all the cuts in the right place but when the job is started the machine starts in the wrong place.

Yes the machine X,Y,Z zero points were set to the right location on the stock and confirmed to be indeed 0 for all three axis.

One thing I do notice is in the simulation is the tool doesn’t start at x0,y0 and rapid to the first bore it starts over the first bore and plunges strait down.

Has anyone had this happen before? It’s a simple cam setup that was patterned across 10 identical parts. It ran perfect the first time around but now it’s not starting in the right place.

I double checked the stock setup starting point and it has not changed.

Not sure I understand what you mean by starting at the wrong place. As far as I know Fusion does not start at X0,Y0 but rather it determines a better place to start. You can ask fusion to start at another location (found in the linking tab). I might not have understood your question.


It’s post processor dependent, but as @Eric1 said, the first move is typically to the first cutting location. The simulation doesn’t know that you’re planning on starting the job from XY0.


What Neil said was correct. The X0Y0 on the stock has nothing to do with where the cutter enters the material.


I got it situated and this topic can be removed. The 24r layout in his shop has a different X ,Y movement relative to my point of view from the remote camera in his shop and I didn’t catch where the X,Y direction in the stock setup had been reversed since the last time I did the cam for him last month.

On my machine the X axis moves left to right and the Y axis forward and back and my view of his 24r the X axis goes forward and back and the Y axis left to right. It was just enough to make me scratch my head because the simulation was prefect but the machine was moving the wrong direction.

Keep in mind it had cut 10 perfect parts last month as programed. Anyhow all is well and this can be removed. I’m just glad it was not an issue with the new machine.

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