Fusion 360 Keeps Crashing

First post here.

I’ve looked around on here and cannot seem to find anything about Fusion crashing. My computer far exceeds all of the requirements. Whenever I try to render a larger item, I get the green progress bar in the corner for about 1-2 min. and then the entire program crashes. Does anyone else have this issue? Maybe I just need to reinstall everything.

We do have a fair number of experienced Fusion 360 users here, but I would suggest heading over to the AutoDesk Fusion 360 support forum for this one - good chance you will get the best help there.

P.S. - to post you have to sign in - check the upper right hand side of the web page to do that. That wasn’t super clear to me for some reason :slight_smile:

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just as a troubleshooting idea. If this is Windows then open task manager and click on the performance tab. Take a look at memory usage. You can select to keep task manager always on top. Go into Fusion 360 and start what crashes the application. You could be running out of memory or your disk may be running at 100% and causing the crash of the application.

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The CPU would spike to 20-35% and the memory stays solid at 25%. I think I will wonder over to the Fusion forums. Thanks!

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