Fusion 360 kicking a@% lol

So, I normally use v-carve pro and like it for wood projects.
I want to start cutting aluminum and have heard fusion 360 with it’s adaptive clearing is the way to go. I have got a bit of a grasp on the cad portion but man the cam side is killing me! I can never get it to consistently generate the tool paths that I want. what post processor is every one using?
Does any one have any tutorials that they recommend.
For those who used it before, do you like it? Thanks Ray

I like it…

nyc cnc has a bunch of good tutorials on yourtube.
The stock “autodesk learning” tutorials are actually really good as well.

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There is an official tutorial: http://carbide3d.com/docs/fusion360/

What is adaptive clearing, is that where the CAM generates a wider cutting path (when possible) to make chip clearing easier?