Fusion 360 Machine Configuration for Shapeoko 3 XL

I am posting here my machine configuration in Fusion 360 for Shapeoko 3 XL as well as screenshots. Can other F360 users please comment and make suggestions - I will repost based on input - I was searching for this online and could not find it.

To import the file - go to Manufacture -> Setup -> (click on Mchine select)
On the left pane of the machine library, select My Machines (local), click the “+” to add and then click Load to load the file:

Here are my settings (taken from the GRBL 1.1 source code and the default configuration that Carbide motion sends during setup:


These don’t impact machining - I think they are for information purposes only and represent the physical footprint of the machine

Feedrate is from the GRBL defaults for Shapeoko 3. Max block processing speed is not validated - would love other users’ input:

I set weight capacity to an arbitraty 100kg - don’t think most users do more than that or that it matters if you are not milling.

Machining Time
I did not touch the feedrate ratio
Tool change time I set to 60s (since Shapeoko machines do not have a tool changes - let’s see how fast you can be changing a tool manually and go through the bitsetter process…

Post Processing
Make sure to select the carbide3d post processor included in Fusion 360 by default.
I am not certain of the “number of work offsets” setting:

Fusion 360 - Shapeoko 3 XL Machine Configuration.zip (1.0 KB)


I haven’t found a reason to bother with the machine configuration. Last time I looked, they had no effect on anything real. Any new value to using it?
Carbide Motion really only lets you use one work offset (G54), and if you want to use a different sender you’ll gain a handful more. I don’t see many here using those others, and I’ve yet to see someone implement more than one offset in one Fusion project. The block processing speed entry also had no bearing on anything.

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I have been using CNCjs and would like to try out Uniersal GCode Builder. I am using Super-PID and (thought haven’t figured out yet) would like to have GCode generated wtih spindle speed commands. As far as the impact you mention on output -

Doesn’t the dimension of work area allow you to ensure you are working within the work area ? (not tested yet)

Curious if others have found a reason to tinker with machine settings? What are you using for machine setup then, @neilferreri? The generic machine by Fusion 360?


I don’t select a machine…I just ignore that.

Pretty sure Fusion will let you try to run gcode that goes beyond the extents of your machine, as configured.

Why the switch?

Most post processors do that.

I know @mikep looked at it a while ago, maybe he can chime in.


I don’t use the machine settings - wasn’t able to come up with a case where it did something for me. Tool library, yes.


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