Fusion 360 Machine Selection Nomad 883

Hi, I’ve just bought a second hand Nomad 833 and have my 3D model in fusion. I’ve gone into the manufacturing space and upon creating a new setup I’ve looked in the list for machine selection but the Nomad is not there. Can anyone help with this? Thanks in advance.

Does this help ?


Hi, unfortunately not. In the Manufacture space, I select SETUP, then there is a button to select Machine, this brings up the fusion 360 library from which to select a machine from the list, however the Nomad 833 is not in the list. See image below, any ideas?

Oh I see. To tell you the truth, I never bothered to select a machine type, and never heard of a pre-made one for Carbide3D machines. I suspect those machine profiles are only useful for visualization/check size limits anyway. You can totally use Fusion360 without using one, as long as you use the right post-processor. If you do want to use a machine profile, you could create one matching the Nomad specs.


Hi Wayne,

Welcome to team Nomad! I realize that I do not specify the machine at all (seems like 3 axis is default), but I believe I have set it as a generic 3-axis machine previously. When you specify the post-processor to post your Gcode you want to choose the Carbide 3D (grbl) post processor, see below:

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Also never bothered to set it either. I am sure it helps for CAD/CAM folks who are doing designs that can be run on multiple machines and/or machines they are not familiar with but not sure it is particularly useful for someone who has one machine and knows its dimensions/limitations.

Would be cool to have - but not up on my priority list.

Oh and Welcome another Nomad user!!!


Thanks guys, appreciate that help and the welcome Olle.

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