Fusion 360 Machining Time is way off

Hi CNC pals,
I have two questions about a toolpath for a thing that I’m making. https://a360.co/3l2PTZj

First, how can I make this toolpath faster, without sacrificing finish quality? The goal is to do as little sanding on this as possible, since sanding softens the lines of the design, but I feel certain it can get done more efficiently. Pretty sure the hold up is on the Contour path.

Second, any idea why the machining time Fusion is estimating is WAY off on this file?

It’s definitely the Contour pass that is causing the issue. Fusion says it’s going to take about 27 minutes, but in reality it’s much closer to an hour. This is the first time Fusion has been so far off.

When I check it in CAMotics, it’s getting much closer to the correct duration, though it’s also a bit short of how long it really takes, which is kind of odd. Carbide Motion, as always, is completely off.

Any thoughts?

ps. You can watch a version of it here for fun, though this video does not show the results of the newest toolpath.

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Don’t know about the Fusion tool path times, but what’s the music in your Instagram video? And is that a sanding brush mounted on a drill of some type that flashes through at a couple of spots?

About that machining time, you may want to check what value you have in the “Rapid feed” field in the “Machining Time” menu?


When designs have lots of rapids this value can impact the time estimate significantly.

I did not check your toolpaths yet though so this comment might be irrelevant.


The music came from https://www.epidemicsound.com/ which is a music licensing thing for YouTube and social media etc.

The thing you saw me using in there is a Klingspor sanding mop: https://www.woodworkingshop.com/product/fs41150/
It’s incredibly useful for sanding profiles and uneven surfaces.

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