Fusion 360 Not letting me combine tool paths with same tool

I have an adaptive path followed by a parallel path and they both use the same tool and fusion is giving me the “no tool changes allowed” error.

I am using @neilferreri August 20th PP. Is there something I am missing? I thought if you were using the same tool it would work as before?

Try changing the M6 output parameter.

I already had it set to No, I cycled back and forth but no matter which setting it does the same thing.

I double checked and both are using the same tool.


Are you only processing those toolpaths?
Can you share the Fusion file by any chance?


The second two tool paths both use the 1/4 Bull Nose

Don’t post process the ‘Setup’. Open the Setup and multi select the two tool paths. No Issue doing it that way. Just did it this past weekend when I had the same issue.


Since asking here a little while ago;

I’ve taken to making a folder under the setup for each tool and then exporting a folder at a time for jobs running the same tool;


I have only the two paths selected. I have been doing it this way for a year. The two paths I have selected have only the 1/4 inch Bull nose in use. I get the error having ONLY those two paths selected.

Now that’s weird, can you export the model as an f3d and upload it here so one of us can try the CAM export pls?


Hey @DanSexton, just getting back to this…the project isn’t set to allow downloads. Can you share it?

Well now it won’t let me allow downloads unless I have a subscription …

Here is the f3d fileSingle Pen Auto Created.zip (315.0 KB)


So, you’re selecting these two toolpaths for export;

By selecting both (shift click), right clicking and selecting “post process” and it gives some sort of error?

Mine is exporting them fine with no complaints and I’m on the awful shareware feature disabled license too (no rapids).

I got an apparently valid output nc file for the ball end mill with both toolpaths in it;


The reason I tagged @neilferreri in the initial post is that I use his PP and suspect there might be an incompatibility with the new rules and his PP. I have not tried yet but I suspect using the stock PP might work but I like his and wanted him to know of the potential issue,

Of course the potential of my doing something wrong is definitely something to consider.

Given the option of using the stock PP and just running two files I will just go with two files until I hear back from Neil.

Thanks @LiamN for checking this for me.




@DanSexton Unfortunately (or fortunately?), I am currently immune to the major Fusion changes. As a CAD educator, I get to keep those features. :flushed:
As far as I know, all of the changes they made were to the intermediate CAM (prior to post processing). The posts shouldn’t be affected.
That said, I’m downloading your file now to see if I notice anything.

Using your PP for single paths works fine except they acknowledged that adding the line:

"(When using Fusion 360 for Personal Use, the feedrate of rapid moves is reduced to match the feedrate of cutting moves, which can increase machining time. Unrestricted rapid moves are available with a Fusion 360 Subscription.)
to the .nc as a single line broke some senders like CNCjs. They are working to fix this. So for now I have to create single file paths and edit each one before they can be used.

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Did you see my comment here? Again, I can’t test. If you’re comfortable modifying the post, that would be an easy thing to try.

@Griff, are you using my Fusion Post?
@Julien said he hasn’t had the dreaded update yet.

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Turns out my issue was found in internal testing and they pushed out an update last night so just restarting Fusion 360 fixed the issue.

I still have to remove that long irritating line from each file.

Why would they force that line regardless of your PP into a file that few people will ever look at?

Hopefully they fix that soon.


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So that’s two breakages in the de-featuring then, including breaking drilling which still isn’t fixed…

Yep, just localising the problem.

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