Fusion 360 Paid Version and Tool Changes

I searched the site and didn’t come across a discussion for Fusion 360 paid version handling tool changes using the Bitsetter. Most threads seemed to discuss merging .nc files from the hobbyist version of F360 and adding tool changes with Bitsetter.

That said I did decide to pay for a yearly subscription of F360 and was wondering if I had Bitsetter enabled in Carbide Motion will the file generated by the Post Processor in F360 actually prompt me to manually change the tool, measure the offset using the Bitsetter and then proceed with milling the project (ie. next tool path)? Or is there something I need to change in the post processor for it to work properly and if yes can someone point me to a reference?

Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: I’ve just finished modeling a new project and am ready to go run it on the CNC but thought I’d be prudent to ask first instead to finding out the answer myself during the first tool change.

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All we have is setting up the software:


which if memory serves, predates their crippling, so should work to set the program up to accommodate a BitSetter.


If you’re outputting the M6 commands with your post processor, Motion handles the BitSetter behavior.


Thanks, that’s the confirmation I was looking for so for a file with 4 tools:


T1 M6

T2 M6

T3 M6

T4 M6

So the T1, T2, T3 and T4 prompts for the tool change and the following M6 measures at the bitsetter?

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Yep, you got it. And if you are using a BitRunner, it will shut off also.


Although I’ve had my Shapeoko Pro for a while now I’ve never really made use of the Bitsetter because I was running exclusively the hobbyist version of Fusion 360 and never really bothered merging multiple files with the tool change… Worked great and now I’m wondering why I never bothered merging files in the past to make use of the bitsetter :slight_smile:



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