Fusion 360 Post prosses NC file not recognized GRBL/carbide 3d processo selected

Carbide Motion will not recognize any nc file that comes from Fusion 360

Carbide 3d/grbl post processor is enabled.
only a 2d adaptive clear file around 57mb

Carbide create will not load.
Any ideas?

Thank you!

57MB of G-code is huge, maybe Carbide Motion chokes on it.
First, does it work if you generate G-code for a very simple toolpath instead ?


Attach or link the .nc’s I’ll give them a try.


Thanks Julien,
I did try a smaller file it seems to be fine.

Though i am doing pocketing on aluminum so the depth of cut is very small there are machine movements, which i assume is causing the file to be so large.

Not quite sure how to attach the file? But I will try to play around with smaller movements and see if its okay?

I did test with a smaller pocketing file and it seems to be alright

Depending on your project, your may be able to split the file into multiple smaller files (e.g.if you have several toolpaths, generate of G-code file for the first ones, and another G-code file for the following ones).

But maybe the best would be to share your Fusion360 design and let us have a look at possible ways to optimize the toolpaths so that it becomes manageable ? You mention you are using 2D adaptive clearing, yet use a very small depth of cut ? I would have expected a large depth of cut for adaptive.

Alternatively, if you do want to run your g-code file as is, you could try another G-code sender (e.g. CNCjs, UGCS, bCNC, etc…)

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You are correct. I was trying to run adaptive before with larger depths of cut, at max 10k rpm spindle speed, during the plunge the bit would get stalled for a second. I tried using a shallower plunge with no success. This is on 6061 aluminum. I am trying to run a pocketing process to see how it goes but it is also a terribly long process. I will try to see if i can post files to make it easier

Yeah if you can post a link to your F360 file that will help. In the meantime here’s an example of pocketing aluminium using adaptive and large depth of cut.
There are many variables at play to get a successful cut, your best bet being to use a ZrN-coated single flute endmill, a 0.001" chipload, an air blast, and/or lubrification.
Anyway, let’s have a look at your file, we should be able to make it way smaller.

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Carbide Motion has a file size limit but the exact size is not published however, 37MB is way too big. A quick search of this site seems to indicate somewhere around 9MB is the size limit so about 1/4 of your current file size. Most people who produce large GCode files move away from CM to another sender like CNCjs.

I’ve done 16Mb just fine/
in my mind th elimit was 20Mb but never went that far

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I originally thought it was in the 20MB range but I found other posts that said 9MB but it may have been for an earlier version. Carbide has not officially published a number but it is a limitation especially now that we have multi tool files. I think it is something that should be addressed with a newer version of CM.

Adjust tolerance and smoothing to lower file size. Adaptive is not a finish cutting strategy so you can fudge it a good amount


430 changed max file size to 40MB.


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