Fusion 360 Setup & Tutorial

For anyone looking to learn Fusion 360 (@Splinters-n-sawdust), checkout NYCCNC on youtube and their website ( https://www.nyccnc.com/ . They have a whole series of tutorials there. I believe @wmoy also has a Fusion tutorial on youtube.

To get started, you need to setup your machine and tool library. I’ve exported my machine and tool library and attached in a zip file. I have a Shapeoko Pro XXL so if you don’t have that machine, you’ll need to change the dimensions accordingly. The tool library has the 1/8" and 1/4" end mills from Carbide3d along with all the other tools I use (including a 1/4" ball end mill).

Default feeds and speeds are setup for the Carbide3d tools to machine aluminium so if you need to machine other materials, either change the tool defaults or when you add it to your job. I’m in the process of reorganizing my library into duplicates for aluminium and hardwood so that I can just drop the tool into a job and have it setup correctly as is.

FusionSetup.zip (762.3 KB)


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