Fusion 360 - Shaper Utilities to Export to SVG

Just thought I’d share this plugin I found in Fusion 360 as it may be useful for others here. Basically Shaper Tools have a plugin for Fusion 360 which allows you to select a face on your model and export it as an SVG. Here’s a link to it in the Autodesk store


So basically I was able to design this air return grate for my forced air system in my home

and then export it as an SVG which I imported into Carbide Create to do the CAM part.


Why not do the CAM in Fusion while you’re there?

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If your still learning/just getting started into the world of CNC you may want to have the feeds and speeds (cutting parameters) built into CC until a time your ready to do this all from Fusion 360. Also if I understand correctly the free version of Fusion 360 does not support tool changes so could also be done in CC. That said If you just want to get the SVG then this utility does exactly that.


You have a point there. I haven’t bothered with the freebie version of CC, as from what I seen, it’s pretty limited compared to what I’ve already have on hand to use for design and cam.

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