Fusion 360 Users

I been testing the waters with my new machine. I have been using Fusion 360. I have origin zero set for bottom left of stock on top. i set my Zero with machine in the same spot…When I ran the program is the bit not supposed to raise up a little then move to start of tool path ? Mine just scoots along at the same height of Z zero…Total noob here…so bear with me. Once I set Z zero can I just simple jog Z up a bit prior to running program or will that mess things up. Sorry Iam away from my machine or I would simply try that myself. Any thoughts from Fusion users?? Oh I have also played with retract heights in CAM as well…still no different. Thanks.

Once you have set zero, you can jog wherever you like, it will remember it. I have found that if you leave it at zero it’ll do this. Always retract a bit after setting zero.

excellent kinda thought that would work; now just need “work” to end so i can get home and play.

Learned that one the hard way myself when it dragged a mill across the top of a warped piece of maple and broke the mill off. “home” really ought to retract Z first, then rapid across the table. This isn’t actually a Fusion thing, it’s just how homing on GRBL works.

Yep I always z up 1mm or so after zero. For me using the carbide post, once zeroed it goes to about home position and then to the work piece.

Just note any gcode exported from fusion uses the first work coordinate system. If you use more then that you will need to modify the gcode to use the other WCS. Trust me it hurts if you forget that one. We have all been there. Welcome to fusion and the shapeoko family!

Edit: cam heights, especially clearence will help you get the maximum amount of stock in your lmachine, and can help lower machining time a little bit

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