Fusion 360 woes

Can someone take a look at the Gcode Fusion spit out for this last job and tell me why it plunged several inches into my table after it completed the first pocket?
Tree Box.nc (18.8 KB)

Fusion File:
Tree Light Case.zip (1.3 MB)

Maybe you have a ghost in the shop that is cursing your machine. :face_with_thermometer:

Post the file so the F360 experts can see what is going on. The gcode file can maybe used but the F360 file is more useful.

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Added the F3D file. Seems like it’s haunted. I can cut all day long with code from Carbide create, but literally every time I try Fusion something goes wrong. Pretty sure today’s screw up puts me out a few months.

What is the material?
What machine?
A half inch is a pretty aggressive depth of cut when profiling.

Your Fusion file looks empty?

When I open the fusion file, I get a empty document (no design, no cam).

Looking at the .nc file, it looks like you need to enable “multiple depths” on your toolpaths. It looks like the pocket is about 1/4" deep and is cutting it at full depth in a single pass and that the contour is cutting through the entire stock in a 1/2" deep pass.

My experience with my Pro (what machine do you have?) is that the stock wrenches don’t easily give you enough tightening of the collet for very aggressive cuts. Before I replaced the wrenches, I had problems with the bit slipping on aggressive cuts in aluminum. That could be the cause of it plunging into your bed if the bit has slipped down deeper than when you zeroed.

Either way, I would agree with the recommendation to make shallower passes.

Plywood. I am using the tool profiles Winston posted a while back, I usually check “multiple depths” in Fusion, and put something more reasonable like .4, but I forgot this time. I’m not sure if the depth of cut was the issue though It did the first pocket perfect, then the second pocket it just decided to plunge through the material and VERY deep into the waste board(like down to the chuck). I could see it missing a few steps because the cut was overly aggressive, but this was excessive.

As for the Fusion file I just re uploaded it.

Re-upped the file. The cut was super aggressive as I forgot to click multiple depths. I also get what you are saying about the bit slipping, had that issue too and got some better wrenches to mitigate it. I don’t think that the bit slipped this time though because the router plunged into the material(and subsequently into my spoil board) down to the chuck. The bit got stuck in the T-Track then and ripped out(I kinda panicked and stupidly tuned off the bit setter instead of turning off the machine so it caused a ton more trouble than it should have).

I think you’re simply being too aggressive on your DOC (0.4" is pretty deep). An upcut endmill will pull itself further into the stock like a drill when forces get too high.
This depends on the machine and Z axis.

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I had deep plunge issues until I bought a Makita router and also started to clean dust from router and collet and collet nut EVERY time I change bits. Hope that helps.

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