Fusion 5 tablet and S5Pro - machine moves to wrong corner after tool change?

Hey Folks-

I have a Shapeoko 5 pro (2x4 size). I use Fusion 360 for my CAM and was using my Macbook to run Carbide Motion, and recently decided to try out a Fusion 5 tablet instead. During the machine configuration on the tablet, the machine initialized correctly and found the Bitsetter in the usual front right corner.

When I loaded the .nc file using the Fusion 5 tablet, the machine went to the back right corner after being prompted for a tool change. The same file worked fine when I used my Macbook.

I deleted Carbide Motion and set things up again on the tablet with the same response. Any idea why this is happening? I even thought to rotate the tablet upside down to see if that was causing problems :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks much!

The only thought I have from experience is that I had the same thing happen to me when I didn’t do the set-up correctly. I think my first time I didn’t hit the right screen button to “set” the BitSetter position after I jogged there.

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Go through the setup again:


Be sure to click the Save BitSetter Configuration button when you’re on that page.