Fusion360 goes home at end of job?

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I have been using Fusion 360 to generate toolpaths and something weird I noticed is that at the end of the job it goes home to machine X0 Y0 (i.e. upper right corner where it homes). It’s a bit annoying because I don’t have a Bitrunner so I want to be able to easily turn the router off from the front of the machine, and similarly sometimes I am loading a new job right after for a tool change. Is there a way to make it go to the “tool changing” location instead of machine X0 Y0? Do I need to change the postprocessor or is there a setting in Fusion I can set? Thanks in advance!



This would be determined by the contents of the post-processor.

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When you post out of Fusion 360, it defaults to G28 X0 Y0 at the end of the program to send it home.
You have the option to instead have it stop the spindle at a safe height.


Interesting. When I look at this page in F360, I only have the Separate words with space option. How do you get Safe Retracts to show up? Everything else I have is the same as what you show.

EDIT: You have to choose the Carbide 3D 2 post to get safe retracts to show up.

You could also just set a G28 location if you want it to go somewhere.
Or, you could use a different post processor.

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