Fusion360 Multiple Operations in Single File & Restore Rapids

I heard about this amazing Fusion360 plugin that supposedly both allows you to post process multiple operations to a single file as well as restore rapids! I mentioned it in another thread and @Julien asked about it so I wanted to start a dedicated thread just to talk about it. The git repo can be found here: GitHub - TimPaterson/Fusion360-Batch-Post: Fusion 360 add-in to post all CAM setups at once, optionally dividing them into folders.

I haven’t actually used it to cut anything yet, but I did just install it and it appears to work as intended. There are a couple of configurations that I wanted to check with this forum if they seem correct or not… But for now I’m just using the defaults. Putting the file into NCViewer looked good as far as I can tell.

The readme wasn’t super helpful to me as far as how to install on Mac OS, so here is my guide after some trial and error:

Open a terminal and run the following:

cd ~/"Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/API/AddIns"
git clone https://github.com/TimPaterson/Fusion360-Batch-Post.git PostProcessAll

It’s very important to run exactly as is, which will copy the git repo to the folder PostProcessAll. Apparently the folder name must be exactly that otherwise Fusion360 won’t pick it up.

After this you can check in Manufacture → Utilities → Addins

You should see the plugin available, which will automatically be marked as “Run on startup” but likely is not yet running (assuming you had Fusion 360 already started up while you copied over the plugin). You can simply click “Run” which you should only have to do this one time.

Now in the milling tab you should have a new button for Post Process All:

Select your setup and click the button and you should be prompted to set up for the first time. You will want to update the following:

  • Output folder - where you want the nc file to end up
  • Only selected setups – of course you can post process all of your setups at once if you’d prefer and not check this box
  • Use individual operations → apparently this is required to actually post process multiple operations into the single file when you have Fusion 360 for Personal Use.
  • Restore rapid moves
  • Post processor → obviously point this at the carbide3d post processor

The default G-code is as follows:

G-code for tool change
This is actually additional G-code for tool change. In this case it defaults to “turn coolant off”.

M9 G30

G-codes that mark ending sequence

M5 M9 M30

I found that for my particular set up, I needed to leave G-code for tool change blank because I do not have coolant. If I kept that portion of config I got an Unsupported G Code exception, pointing directly at that line. For your particular use case you may have some particular G-code you want to execute on tool change. That would be the spot for it!

If anyone has a better idea of if those need to be changed, please do let me know and I can update the post! Hope this helps.


Thanks for sharing! I’ll test it soon then.
M9 won’t work for tool change, it should be M6, maybe it also does M9 (stop coolant) and M6 is there also

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Good call! Looking at the docs I see this:

Since there is no example of a tool change in the G-code generated by Fusion 360, there is a box to type in any additional G-codes needed when a tool change is made (such as turning off coolant, etc.).

So presumably this is just “additional” G-code to run on tool change. I’d imagine if you don’t have coolant it would have no effect, but you might also just be able to delete that part of config (or of course add other stuff)

Funny enough I immediately got an Unsupported G Code error, line 116 when I tried to load the file. It would appear that line is

M9 G30

So I removed that portion of the config and just left it blank and tried again. Success! Seems to be working great in a quick dry run. Will update the instructions above.

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I’ve been using this plugin for a while now and once you get it configured it seems to work as advertised. One time after a F360 update I did have to reconfigure it for some reason but it has been working for months now since that hiccup.

Here’s a screenshot of the settings I have been using.


Everyone has their own personal views. Personally, rapids and multiple tools are features that Fusion 360 charges people to use because they provide value. Since I am using those features and I do find that they provide value, I have a paid subscription to Fusion 360. Other people work around those limitations. Everyone has their own personal views.

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If you’d like to pay for a subscription for me too I’ll certainly stop using this plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

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Fusion really did their users dirty with that bait and switch scheme… They effectively had an open beta to get people using it and then yanked the rug out from under them.

Even at 500usd a year there’s still features locked out that you used to be able to do…

They need a better model for the real hobbyists out there

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