Fusion360 tool speed help

Hi Guys,

I’m setting up to cut some copper lettering out on my shapeoko xl, I’ve set up in mesh cam and entered speeds etc on there and then ran a test run in MDF.

I was expecting several passes to cut to the depth but for some reason the code just shoved the end mill to full depth and went round once.

I’ve attached my speeds.

I’m cutting with a makita and using a #122 bit.

any ideas?

I’m new to fusion and watched winstons video but seem to have missed something!


On the “Passes” tab, select “Multiple Depths”.


thank you! that’ll be it!

I’m amazed the machine and end mill put up with the abuse of going full depth!


I also recommend using the simulator to see your toolpaths before you run them on the machine.

That’s when you realize you can start pushing things.


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