Fusion360 tutorial videos for people who already gave up

I recently watched this series of videos:

and it seems to me that this is perfect for people who tried Fusion, got confused by the sketching/constraints/history line, and gave up after a couple of hours. He takes it slowly, from scratch, repeats things a lot (to the point where you think “yeah, I know, move on” a lot), and does a very good job of explaining the fundamentals/design approach for parametric modelling in Fusion, not just where to click to do something. And THEN once you are on the right learning path, Lars Christensen’ videos are much easier to follow and you’ll learn much faster.

It is focused on modeling for 3D printing, so you will still have to learn about CAM in Fusion360 afterwards, but at least Fusion360 won’t feel so intimidating all of a sudden.


So, a video perfect for me? :wink: I have to get back to that #@&# F360 and produce something useful.

Dang! I may have to reinstall F360…?

You don’t even have to watch all 13 episodes, I think the real value is in the first 6 lessons, absolutely worth the 3 hours it takes to watch them. It’s not so much about how to use the various features in Fusion, than about how to approach the Fusion360 workflow / intended use, and how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

I’m still very much a Fusion newbie myself, but now I actually enjoy using it. This afternoon I was working on my dust collection setup, realized I would need an adapter to plug a hose in the cyclone, fired up Fusion and 15 minutes later it was ready to 3D print

5 hours later the printer finished and I proceeded to plug the adapter…for a perfect fit. Priceless!


Awesome! What tool did you use in Fusion to make that connecting body between both cylinders?

just the “loft” tool, incredibly easy and powerful. two arbitrary profiles, one curve as a guide, done.


Ah! I think that’s the exact tool I needed last week.


I’ve been slowly going through Lars’ videos. I like him a lot. I’ll have to check out the other series, as well. Thank!


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Today I watched several episodes of Paul McWhorter’s video series you recommended and I’m finally making some inroads and I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere.

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That series of videos is when things really clicked for me. When all is said and done, it boils down to a very limited number of operations to learn and understand, but the key really seems to be to start the right way and adopt the right practices early on, because it’s quite easy to paint oneself into a corner with Fusion360, and then frustration is…around the corner.

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@Julien thanks very much for posting this, you really nailed my situation. I can’t count how many times I gamely jumped into a “simple” design, got halfway and couldn’t overcome a "WTH just happened?!?!?" moment. This has been my #1 reason for not moving all my designs over to the platform. Bookmarked the videos for this weekend.

I really appreciate your contributions to this forum.


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@Julien you have just made my day! I just watched the first video and these are perfect. Just the right amount of small bites of information and repeating the lesson. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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