Future software updates and Windows

Hi All,
I’m commented to Win 7 Pro 64 bit operating software because of several perpetual licensed CadCam software programs that I use that won’t run on Win 10.
Will there be any issues with anything in the future from Carbide in the way of software and Win 7 ?

Merry Christmas !

While we’ve removed Windows 7 from the system requirements I can’t imagine that we will do anything overt to keep our programs from running on it, but conversely, I doubt that if something breaks it would be fixed.

You’d have to get an official statement from @robgrz or @edwardrford or @Jorge

The current versions, and those in the short term should continue to run under Windows 7 pretty well.

We’ll do our best to keep Windows 7 alive for as long as possible as long as it doesn’t hold us back on older compilers and frameworks that limit productivity and support for more modern systems.


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