G Code Coordinates Not Properly Translated by Nomad

Hello All,

I have just experienced a Major Failure while attempting to cut a Part using MeshCam.

Nomad 883
Carbide Motion
Vista PC

Ok So,

I imported an STL file into Meshcam, made my adjustments, inspected the simulated Tool Paths in Meshcam and in Cutviewer,
Everything looked great

I wrote the code and proceeded to run the program using Carbide Motion

It run the unbelievable amount of time it took to complete the roughing passes which took well over an hour despite the MeshCam Estimate of 42 minutes,
and then was prompted by Carbide Motion to change tools to the .25 Ball End cutter to start on the finishing passes.

I do, the system measures the tool and spools up to continue with the program

The spindle then proceeds to travel to the opposite corner of the stock and plunges down Full Depth into the material at .375"
Which Bogged Out, Jammed and Stalled the Spindle Dead (Which is a whole other issue…)

I had no choice but to abort the mission as fast as possible so not to damage anything.

I Opened the .NC file in NotePad and jumped down to the Code following this tool change and from what I can tell it should have continued to cut in the proper location in order to complete the part.

So, Im at a bit of a loss here as to what happened in between machines

Im not very happy about this, all of the time that I just spent was a waste as well as my stock due to this error.
The only possible way to salvage would be to alter the code and start where it left off but I dont feel like that can be trusted after this.
Plus just the time alone, ugh

I Also am pretty disappointed with the Power of this spindle so far, I think that it is Far to Under Powered for this function at 10,000 RPMs
It will stop cold at what I consider to be a shallow cut.

I am new to the Support aspect of this Software/ System so I am not sure where the correct place is to direct these kind of issues,
if this is not the place then my apologies.

If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you