G code Creations

Hi, I recently had to re-load my computer do to a virus, in the process I lost my original Carbide Create and Carbide Motion programs. In the earlier version of Carbide Create I could generate my G code from the toolpath tab, is this no longer available. Do I need to purchase the program to be able to use my machine now?

You can use the last V6 version of CC, available from here:

Or, use the V7 version and a recent version of Carbide Motion. The new procedure is to send the C2D file (the file used by CC) to Carbide Motion now - the GCode is now embedded into the C2D file.

Or use the Extract G-Code page, for which you need a login… Extract GCode from Carbide Create V7

Starting with v7 they encrypt the c2d file and only CM can extract the gcode and run it. However if you have the Pro license you can save the gcode as separate files with the extension .nc. If you had pro before you just need to find your email and copy the license back and reinstall it in CC. If you did not have pro then use the v6 versions to still save .nc files.

Thanks guys, much appreciated!!

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